Sombreuil Climbing Rose 1850

Why Our Roses?

So glad you asked! 

How disappointing it is to pause to breathe in for the scent of a rose and...nothing!  Have you ever received a wired rose? It stands up straight, yet never opens and has little to no scent. The roses we choose to grow are selected for their fragrance as well as their appearance and cut life in a vase.

With our roses you will enjoy the changes in fragrance and appearance as these roses open fully.  
A healthy, fragrant rose will also be a flavorful  rose.

Many of these roses also have many petals and have been mistaken for peonies or ranunculus. 
They just may remind you of an old fashion rose because many are!

We grow what are known as Garden Roses. 
True Garden Roses are roses that are grown outdoors without cover, no greenhouse or shade house.

Our roses are grown outside in full sun on Rose Hill and in our gardens at Tre Soli.  
They are truly Garden Roses.

It is believed that growing roses outdoors allows them to more fully develop their flavor,  
fragrance and color.

Roses not directly touched by the sun develop little or no fragrance or flavor.  
The roses at Tre Soli Gardens are touched by the Sun.

Flowers grown with various other varieties are reported to be more intense in fragrance 
And less bothered by pests and disease.

Beneficial insects are attracted by the variety of plants. While roses dominate our gardens, we grow many other flowers, fruits and vegetables.  This type of growing boosts overall health of all of our plants.  No monoculture here.  Their health is your health and that means everything to us.

We do not use any synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides when growing our roses. This old fashioned way of gardening means you can use these roses for culinary purposes. 
In order to not use chemicals we plant a diversity of companion plants that protect the roses.  
This means that we also grow other complimentary flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.
Critical to healthy food and flowers is the soil, th basis of thriving horticulture.  
Our soil is abundant in big and little creatures and the micro building blocks that they require to live. 
We do this by adding our own compost supplemented by other carefully selected providers of the same.  We never add chemical growth enhancers. 

Did you know that rose petals can be candied, 
mixed in salads, laid on a wedding cake or used to flavor baked goods?  
They can also be frozen in ice cubes and used to garnish drinks and punches. 
And rose water in your lemonade or even in proseco, cocktails and sangrias!  
It may be light rose to the nose but not always identified by the taste buds.  Umami.   
We'll share the recipes.  Just send us an email of what you're interested in seeing.

When your roses have seen their better days the petals can be allowed to dry and used in potpourri. Before that day you can use the petals to create your own 
rose scented room atomizer, 
sugar scrubs 
or papers.  
Petals are lovely 
strewn on a table, path, bed or path.  
They're not just for vases anymore.

Try floating petals in a tub!  
Simple.  Sumptuous.  
So many roses so little time!  
Let us know of your interest and we'll help you find your way.

Our method of growing is healthy for our environment, healthy for the roses and healthy for all of the creatures living at Tre Soli... from the birds in the trees to the creatures living in our soil and all in between.  
Flowers and food grown to nourish all of the senses as well as the body and soul.  
Just good clean fun at Tre Soli.

Grow some food.  Grow some flowers. Give them to others.  
Give them to show you care, show your love, share their loss, send your message.  
Just Grow.  Just Give.

"The Earth laughs in flowers." and so do we!