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Sunday, June 4, 2017



Full and Fragrant

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who endured the heat and visited us at Singh Meadows yesterday.
We met some delightful new friends and welcomed some return rose admirers.  And amazing those of you who traveled from the Valley of the Sun hinterlands.  
We hope you come again soon and were not disappointed.
An extra thank you to those who happily brought their Bottles for Blooms!
We still have Blooms and we bet you have bottles.  So bring it on.

Singh Meadows has so much watermelon and corn that there was not room for us today.  We know what abundant harvest means because we hardly have room here for our own bounty.  We hope to return there soon.  When in doubt just send us an email and we'll let you know.

Lavender and Fragrant
Because of the heat FRONT DOOR HONOR MARKET will be by preorder until we can purchase a glass front refrigerator or two.  Anyone with a lead on available fridges please let us know.  
We're hoping to find one or two that are "gently used" in order to minimize our costs and potential repairs.
EMAIL azgardenfresh@gmail.com
We generally check email 2-3 times per day and try to reply within 24 hours.

CALL 480-483-0060
We are often busy in the garden and can't get the gloves off fast enough to answer the phones so please leave a message.  We are eager to return your call.

We are posting some photos here so you can have an idea WHAT'S IN SEASON.  We cannot guarantee the exact ones you want until you pre order.  "First Come, First Served."  You can identify them by what number and color it is that you see that you want.  Sometimes it looks as though we only have one bloom.  That is because it was too awkward to get a better photo of the rest.  If we only have one we're not likely to post and tease you with it.

Why the bottles you asked, and glad that you did?

With the 100*+ heat we want your flowers to arrive as lovely as when they left the farm.  Water is a big component of that.  Taking your blooms in your bottles gives them plenty of water for the ride to their destination.  

It is a form of recycling.  Some bottles make for beautiful vessels.  

It decreases our costs when we are not using paper, rubber bands, ribbon and jute.  It decreases your costs when we don't have to charge you for these components.  You needn't spend extravagant amounts of money to have a grand bouquet.

We are delighted to use all of these compostable wrappings whenever you request, for example when you are taking the flowers directly to a lucky recipient.

We recommend ordering one day ahead and/or picking up in the cool of the morning.  Why?  
Because cut flowers prefer 45*-65* weather with more humidity than we have at 12%.  
When we cut your order we bring your blooms inside, plunge their heads into the cool filtered water to release "animalitas" that may be hitchhiking and the plunge takes the heat down.  
Then we give the flowers a big drink of water and finally let them rest in our "cooling room" in the dark until they go home with you.  It is amazing how that plumps them up!  We can pick the morning you pick up.  Give them the same treatment we do when you get home and their life will be extended.

Today we are harvesting the last of the peaches, some nectarines and starting 

YES!  Apples in the Desert!  Did you know that they are in the same family as roses?  These are low chill, desert adapted apples, better than what you can purchase in the stores and earlier than the high elevation apples that will come on in a few months.  
Don't let anyone tell you apples from the desert are any not good.  We suspect they've never eaten ours.

 If you find you have brought home more apples that you can chop into salad, bake, roast, grill etc.  We recommend Apple sauce and apple butter.  Easy Peasy.  Our washed Apples cored with lemon and cinnamon added, with a pot to cook it in, is all it takes.  Recipes all over the web. We let ours cool then bag them in zip lock type bags.  The it is into the freezer they go.  When we remove them from the freezer we thaw in the fridge.  When we remove some apple sauce from the bags roll the bag to squeeze all of the air out before sealing the bag.  This prevents that watery breakdown from occurring.

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