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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Apples and roses for you!

And You 

And you too!

And tomorrow a few more peaches & nectarines

Check our Instagram@azgardenfresh

for more photos and text.

We've got to get back out there to pick for you.

Hope you stop by soon.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

When Was The Last Time ...

…you loved you some Apple sauce?!
For some of us it was about one year ago.

We appreciate you fruit lovers who have been stopping by the honor market 
buying and enjoying our peaches and nectarines!  
They are about done but never fear


We are done picking for today.  You can find them in the coolers in the alcove by the front door.  
For those who stopped by yesterday during the cooler failure thank you for your patience 
please let us know how we make it up to you.  
We spent hours of time and many dollars of money correcting the problem and all is chill so,
 so to speak.

The apples are the Anna and Golden Dorsett variety.

  Last year we had an apple disease that we had to treat by putting the apple trees into what we call "suspended animation" for the season.  It saved their lives.
Pollinators certainly did their jobs this year.
Consequently the trees are more prolific that ever even if a season behind fertilization!
The usual sweet tart flavor of our apples is not as off the charts sweetly addictive this year but they are still crisp, juicy and tart.  

Taste is in the mouth of the taster, none-the-less we suggest applesauce with lemon and cinnamon added as an excellent way to enjoy this years harvest.  Sugar free!

It is sooo easy.  Wash the apples well.  No need to peel the skins that hold so much of an apples nutrition.  And they cook down to where you don't even know the skins are there.  Use a corer/slicer tool and toss the the apple slices into a pot, squirt a bit of fresh lemon onto the slices to prevent oxidation, browning.  Sprinkle with high quality cinnamon, or grind your own from cinnamon bark sticks or just toss in some cinnamon bark sticks.

We like the Saigon & Ceylon Cinnamons.   Fresh high quality cinnamon is important for maximum favor.  Continue to core & slice, squirt lemon and sprinkle cinnamon until you have covered the bottom of the pot.  Then turn the stove on medium as you continue to prep the apples and add as many apples to the pot as you'd like.  Stir frequently to prevent apples from burning on the bottom of pan.

Once the apples are bubbling you can turn it down to low.  Cook apples down to the consistency you prefer.   We once used a slow cooker and kept it going for days until it was of spreadable consistency…

Apple Butter on biscuits!  Mmmmm mmm good.

Call us for address and directions to our urban farm

Consult Maricopa County Extension publications for canning and storing fresh produce.
 Time for us to take a break
we'll be out there at dawn tomorrow picking
and feeding
and pruning
so that
you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017




BYOBottles, Buckets, Bags & Bushels 

For the past two days 
five of us have been working hard gathering back in 
the Orchards and Gardens.  

And now you can enjoy the fruits of our labors.



Shop flowers from the photos on our blog

Give us a call or email if you want ROSES. 
We have every color.  Tell us your quantity, color and arrival time.
We will have them ready when you arrive.
And be sure to let us know if you'd like some jasmine or sweet lemon verbena with your bouquet, 
no extra charge for those.

Our APPLES are crisp, tart and the sweet is beginning to build.
They are cold and juicy in an alcove cooler.

The WHITE NECTARINES in our bags are today and tomorrows...
some are ready to eat today, others are firmer to eat another day.  

We love fruit hot off of the tree but for you they are 
Are all cold, juicy and sweet in an alcove cooler.

Change, if you need it, is in the pop bottle cap holders on the front of the coolers
Instructions are hanging there in the alcove by the front door.

If you do not see what you want, 
If we're there we're happy to come up front to assist you.  
It can take 2-3 minutes for us to come up front so patience please.
If we do not answer CALL 480-483-0060

There's plenty more of everything back there 
so let us know if you are baking a lot of pies for 4th of July
making applesauce 
having an event and it own't be complete without our rose girls.

We can gather more so let us know.

The Gardens at TRE SOLI FARM 
is located in a residential neighborhood 
in Scottsdale.

Call us for address and directions to our urban farm


We have many walkers, runners, children, bicyclers, 
dogs, cats, horses, roosters, goats, and even burrows 
who call our neighborhood home.
Do not put any of them at risk because you are in a hurry 
cannot wait to slurp your juicy fruit and face plant in our roses.  
Fruit and flowers are never an emergency.

Sunday, June 4, 2017



Full and Fragrant

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who endured the heat and visited us at Singh Meadows yesterday.
We met some delightful new friends and welcomed some return rose admirers.  And amazing those of you who traveled from the Valley of the Sun hinterlands.  
We hope you come again soon and were not disappointed.
An extra thank you to those who happily brought their Bottles for Blooms!
We still have Blooms and we bet you have bottles.  So bring it on.

Singh Meadows has so much watermelon and corn that there was not room for us today.  We know what abundant harvest means because we hardly have room here for our own bounty.  We hope to return there soon.  When in doubt just send us an email and we'll let you know.

Lavender and Fragrant
Because of the heat FRONT DOOR HONOR MARKET will be by preorder until we can purchase a glass front refrigerator or two.  Anyone with a lead on available fridges please let us know.  
We're hoping to find one or two that are "gently used" in order to minimize our costs and potential repairs.
EMAIL azgardenfresh@gmail.com
We generally check email 2-3 times per day and try to reply within 24 hours.

CALL 480-483-0060
We are often busy in the garden and can't get the gloves off fast enough to answer the phones so please leave a message.  We are eager to return your call.

We are posting some photos here so you can have an idea WHAT'S IN SEASON.  We cannot guarantee the exact ones you want until you pre order.  "First Come, First Served."  You can identify them by what number and color it is that you see that you want.  Sometimes it looks as though we only have one bloom.  That is because it was too awkward to get a better photo of the rest.  If we only have one we're not likely to post and tease you with it.

Why the bottles you asked, and glad that you did?

With the 100*+ heat we want your flowers to arrive as lovely as when they left the farm.  Water is a big component of that.  Taking your blooms in your bottles gives them plenty of water for the ride to their destination.  

It is a form of recycling.  Some bottles make for beautiful vessels.  

It decreases our costs when we are not using paper, rubber bands, ribbon and jute.  It decreases your costs when we don't have to charge you for these components.  You needn't spend extravagant amounts of money to have a grand bouquet.

We are delighted to use all of these compostable wrappings whenever you request, for example when you are taking the flowers directly to a lucky recipient.

We recommend ordering one day ahead and/or picking up in the cool of the morning.  Why?  
Because cut flowers prefer 45*-65* weather with more humidity than we have at 12%.  
When we cut your order we bring your blooms inside, plunge their heads into the cool filtered water to release "animalitas" that may be hitchhiking and the plunge takes the heat down.  
Then we give the flowers a big drink of water and finally let them rest in our "cooling room" in the dark until they go home with you.  It is amazing how that plumps them up!  We can pick the morning you pick up.  Give them the same treatment we do when you get home and their life will be extended.

Today we are harvesting the last of the peaches, some nectarines and starting 

YES!  Apples in the Desert!  Did you know that they are in the same family as roses?  These are low chill, desert adapted apples, better than what you can purchase in the stores and earlier than the high elevation apples that will come on in a few months.  
Don't let anyone tell you apples from the desert are any not good.  We suspect they've never eaten ours.

 If you find you have brought home more apples that you can chop into salad, bake, roast, grill etc.  We recommend Apple sauce and apple butter.  Easy Peasy.  Our washed Apples cored with lemon and cinnamon added, with a pot to cook it in, is all it takes.  Recipes all over the web. We let ours cool then bag them in zip lock type bags.  The it is into the freezer they go.  When we remove them from the freezer we thaw in the fridge.  When we remove some apple sauce from the bags roll the bag to squeeze all of the air out before sealing the bag.  This prevents that watery breakdown from occurring.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


How serene our pink roses. 



"Bottles And Blooms" BYOB  Bring Your Own Bottles for us to fill with our Blooms.  

Whether it's your antique cobalt bottle 
Gorgeous with our white roses.  Or golden yellow. Or pink.  
For that matter any color. 
Bring your wide mouth mayonnaise jar when you want a large bunch.  

With your vessel and our flowers we know you'll go home with something you'll love. 

Pick up some food for your heart and soul 
while shopping for food 
to nourish your body @singhmeadows.  

Don't have a bottle, vessel or jar?  
Lisa @savaleflowersantiques is an artist and so creative with her many vessels 
at putting just the right flowers into them.   
We've seen her darling arrangements even in high ball glasses.  Who knows you may even find the perfect bottle @savalefowersantiques

Either place you shop today, you win.