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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Peach Eaters!  
You're wiping us out.  
We love it.  
We are starting to get smaller peaches 
that means there will be more in your bags.  
We will probably have another day or two to pick from this tree 
we'll carefully wait & watch for the other trees to ripen.  
to stay up to the minute on availability
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The apricots in the photo are precious few or we'd share.  

When we went to pick at midday today the orchards smelled like roses and peaches!  
That was a first in our memories.
We never pick midday due to the heat but the coolers were empty and fruity duty called.
What the chalkboard says...we see, smell it, live it every day.  
We are tickled to share our slice of heaven with you, be it fruit or flowers.  
Please care for each other and our Earth as tenderly as you do those sweet peaches.

Now for reminders and clarifications on visiting our Front Door Honor Market.
It is an "honor market" and as such these are recommendations 
but it is helpful for you and us in planning.

On days that you read or receive notice
Sunrise to Sunset in the warm months

It's in the the little holder for bottle caps.  
We put coins in one and bills (sorry only $1 bills) in the other.
Try to plan ahead, as change for one bag of fruit from a $20 bill probably won't be there.
Some of you are owed $.50- $2.  Please let us know if you couldn't find the change holders and we'll make sure you get it next time you swing by.  
Just let us know ahead that you're coming so that we have it ready for you.

Running Low:
If the coolers are empty 
there is not enough fruit for what you wanted, 
you have three options
1)  Ring the bell.  We''ll answer if we can.   We'll pick more if we can
2)  Call us.  We may not have heard the bell.  We have almost 2 acres back there soo…
3)  Leave us a note for the next time.

These are not your commercial peaches & nectarines.  They are picked at a later maturity because they don't have to board planes and trains, just your automobile s and bikes.   Their skins slide off easily, peeling is a breeze.  Handle Gently.  Notice they are in the bag with the stem side down so that they bruise less and last longer.  
By the way This is also how you should keep tomatoes.

They have NOT been washed.  Do it just before you prepare or eat.  As you know we use no chemicals at Tre Soli But birds gotta pee and sometimes it lands on our fruit.

We always enjoy hearing what happened after our fruit and flowers leave our TLC.
We love to know how you liked our fruit and flowers.  Photos of your peach crisp are great too.   The baby with a face plant into their bowl of peaches, share please.  Recipes you used our fruit and flowers in…yes please!   We won't post anything without your permission.  If you were dissatisfied for any reason please let us know so we have the chance to make it right for you.

Sorry people but we can't always read your writing and printing.  Runs in this family too, so no shame.  Just know that like with speaking you'll need to do it clearly or we may not understand and therefor may not respond appropriately.

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