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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Elsewhere out of the gardens Rose Ranglers have been on the roads and in the skies.  

Rose Ranglers have traveled to two Field to Vase dinners this year. 

"Field to Vase" dinners are held monthly around the county to gather American flower growers,
floral designers, florists and those who love them.

         Their aim is to raise the publics awareness of the source of the cut flowers that they purchase.

The dinners are held on a flower farm and help networking and promotion of flowers grown in America.

Usually these dinners are out in the fields, though that weekend due to threat of thunderstorms, 
it was moved into the beautiful "Blue Barn".

  These are some of the great photos taken at the Field to Vase dinner at the 
Arnosky Family Farms in Blanco, Texas.  

And Yes!  She is out standing in the fields!

In addition to the local flowers the food, wine, beer and entertainment are all local at
these delightful evenings.  

Singing, Dancing, Eating, Drinking all amidst the flowers!  Does it get any better that this?!

The thunderstorms passed early and the day was as sunny as this field of sunflowers

Tours of the farms are included so remember to wear appropriate shoes.  Due to earlier rains making it impossible to walk the fields, a barrier was laid to protect the soil and the walkers at this farm.

If you like great food, paired with local beverages, memorable people and supporting local flower growers and farmers then you can't miss with the "Field to Vase" dinner reservations.  It's slow food paired with Slow Flowers!  More on Slow Flowers in our next post.

Check out the website  http://www.americangrownflowers.org  to make reservations for a dinner that you may live near or be near your travels.

Many Field to Vase dinners are held in areas that make for a great travel itinerary.  This dinner was located in Texas Hill Country midway between Austin and San Antonio.  So go ahead.
Be a bit adventurous and make your reservations for a Field to Vase dinner soon!

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