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Friday, April 1, 2016


As you enjoy your Saturday cuppa while reading your newspaper with your favorite music in the background please take some time to read this excellent article about why we are so passionate about the flowers we grow.   By accident we've always grown flowers with our food, 'cause we like to!   Now because of our understanding of the interconnection between our plant, people, animals, earth we are committed to continuing or omni culture.  And because we are what we eat we've always grown without chemicals.

Now that we understand the international side of flowers we are so proud that we stumbled in to growing our flowers as we do.  The article below combines political, drug traffic and agricultural history along with international flower trade history.


Now that you have the big picture read or listen to what happened to all of those wonderful japanese flower gardens that used to be on Baseline Road at the foot of the South Mountain.  We are among the many who for years were sad to see one-by-one those farms be developed.  It was said by many that the land just became too valuable but there's more to that story.


If you like supporting the local businesses and the small business people of our Valley of the Sun then be sure to ask your florist for local flowers.  Support the farmers that offer flowers at the markets.

Consider supporting Maya Dailey of Maya's Farm.  She started as a flower farmer and continues to farm with an abundance of bloomers to feed the pollinators and you and I!  She is a rare breed of small local farmers; a CCOF certified organic female farmer!  You can feel really good about your food and flowers when you buy from Maya.  https://www.facebook.com/mayasfarmaz  She has completed her move just South of where she used to be at The Farm at South Mountain.  Maya still has a CSA and can be found at farmers market and restaurants around the valley.  Tomorrow, Saturday morning you will find her fabulous produce at the Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market http://phxpublicmarket.com/openair/

Don't be fooled, buy fresh, buy local!

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