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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Last of the 2015 Roses 

Is this Winter?…YES!
Is this Spring?…YES!

Or as some of our young folk used to call it this is Wintspring!  The shoulder season as Winter wraps up and Spring begins is where we find ourselves now.  We still have 1- 2 weeks until the average date that most danger of frost is gone so until then it's still Wintspring!  As photos from this morning show we had ice here at Tre Soli. some of the Rose Ranglers actually slipped on the ice on the wood mulch paths.

Ice - On the tips of tiny garlic chive seeds in a rose bed you can see the frozen dew drops.

Ice - In this bird bath the baby doves will have to wait for their drinks and baths.  

Did you know that a little bit of ice on a plant can protect it from even colder more harmful temperatures?  True.

Unfortunately for these first tiny sprigs of asparagus the ice did freeze them to the core so they will not grow any more.  Not to worry, they made a tasty nibble for Rose Ranglers lucky enough to spy them.  There'll be plenty more shoots come Spring.  I can't imagine a panda's bamboo shoots being as lovely as the first Spring asparagus shoots we enjoy.  But then have you seen their teeth?!  Meant for bamboo.

Great News!  The fruit tree buds seem unharmed.  The trees are still loaded.  

Peach trees where baby hummingbirds have been seen this morning, males squeaking to females.

Peach Blossoms where baby bees were seen yesterday afternoon.

But we questioned the viability of buds like the large peach bud below.  It was soaking wet where it connects to the branch.  We don't know the impact on buds like this.   
Rose Ranglers will watch it as the day warms up. 

And we'll do some research to see what the "experts" have to say.  Speaking of experts we're not but the folks at U of A Maricopa County Extension are and so are the good people at UC Davis.  When Tre Soli Rose Ranglers have questions these are two of our top go to wells of knowledge.

"Lifelong Learner" on loan from the one of the sons of Tre Soli.

We're planning classes and events here at the farm as well as out in the community.  To stay in touch and up to dat drop us an email to let us know you want to be on our list.  Side walk sale at Savale Antiques and Flowers on February 13,  March 12 is the Ral Gardens for Real People tour of gardens, flower sale third weekend in March at Sweet Salvage, Art in the Garden at Berridge Nursery, And
 you can buy our citrus from Maya at her farmers markets.

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