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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So we have mentioned grafting a scion onto a rootstock and learning how to do that was so cool.  Here are some photos of the two that we grafted on January 30th.  There are five scions grafted on two root stocks.  All of the scion were from a beautiful old bush here on the farm,  We hope to give it more life.  Under each band of tape is a tiny bud from our scion rose.  It is to receive East Sun and be kept moist.  We were told that the strong buds will push through the tape and in four weeks be able to be planted in the ground!  Really?!  Stay tuned and watch us grow!  We'll post photos weekly .

Now a related topic near and dear to our hearts.  (no pun intended) Adoption!  At Tre Soli we are in the business of nurturing…nurturing our soil, our plants, our bees, our butterflies, our birds, and all those who receive the fruits of the Ranglers hand work.  Scions get adopted by the rootstock and in adoption families and individuals are the roots and the scions given an opportunity to add to the life of all by adding roots and branches.

If you've been touched by adoption, are a member of the adoption constellation, or just love a good flick or enjoy supporting creative independent film makers then you'll enjoy going to see "Father Unknown".  If you love a mystery, travel, love stories, surprises and happy endings then you too will enjoy "Father Unknown".  Did you love the movie "Philomena"?  Well this too is about a post adoption search.  Only you are right along for the ride, filmed in real time with the real people, no actors.  And you can't stream it or view it on line so don't wait for that.

Please reserve tickets to see  "FATHER UNKNOWN''.  This movie is all of these over the course of two centuries, two continents and one ocean.  Enough tickets must be reserved in advance, before Monday, February 8th, in order for the theater to screen the film.  You are not billed until it is a go.  But there are only 5 more days to make these reservations for the Scottsdale showing on February 15.  They need your help to make this event happen.  Spread the love by spreading the word.


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