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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Side by side, under a Palo Verde

How often do you hear at this time of the year…"Isn't this why we make it through the summer…to live here now."  The chill of the morning, the songs of the twitter pated birds, the brilliant blue skies, the peace and quiet.  To be outside.  To be in Nature.  To be here now.  To be.

Penstemon greet the Sunrise

A hammock under the shade of the tree doesn't get any better does it?!

At the end of a day the evenings are just delicious for strolling, sipping, grilling  quiet contemplating or jolly laughter.

While we at Tre Soli love growing fruits, flowers, veggies and herbs we also love inviting friends and family to join us here for food, fun and just 'laxin'.  Our down time is never enough and always treasured.  Ever aware of how very blessed we are to have this retreat!

Are you spending enough time with friends, and family just 'laxin'?

Are you looking for a way to accommodate more people at your gathering?  Is your outdoor space feeling drab or just not you any more?  Is your favorite space in need of a bit of spiffing up?  A Hummingbird feeder?  A new pot for your new plant…or your old plant?    Inspirational words to plant in the garden or hang on a wall?  An outdoor rocker for that new grand baby?!  We know just the place for you to find what you need and some things you don't!  Head to our friends at Southwest Gardener for an introduction to their new outdoor furniture line Fermob.  They are having their "Patios with Personality" introductory 10% off sale.


Fermob is from Europe but it is soo Arizona!

We were tickled to see Southwest Gardener is carrying Fermob.  A fabulous nursery that we go to when in Omaha carries this line.  We can't tell you how many times we've thought of driving some furniture back to AZ.  We always leave for AZ jealous that Omaha has Fermob and we don't!  Now we, and you, don't have to be jelly.  The Fermob line has unique, bright outdoor furniture with contemporary and European flair that fits in with all styles.  If you like a traditional look then a bistro table may be just what you're looking for.  Love a rocker but you are sunny yellow and don't want the weight of so many rockers?  Fermob has one for you.   All about your intimate balcony in your contemporary loft?  Fermob has what you want too.  See you there today?

Rest. Relax. Repeat.

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