Sombreuil Climbing Rose 1850

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 21, 2016

Windmill at Tre Soli
Favorite purchase from Sweet Salvage 2015

As those of you who've been with us for a time you know we've been antiquing since our mothers dragged us with them as children.  Dark dusty allergy inducing places.  We just didn't look forward to it.  But not any more.  Thanks in part to light bright fun places like Sweet Salvage.
http://sweetsalvage.net/event-calendar/ check them out.
Their objects, staged in vignettes, are beautiful, funky, nostalgic, unique, others not as much but will add to your large collection of whatnot.  The staff though is what makes this 4 days a month warehouse sale so different from the others.  They are friendly, fun and always ready to assist your wants and needs.   And of course what goes better with growing food and flowers that eating food and flowers.  They have garden pieces and dining pieces.  And!  They have food!  The best chocolate chip cookies ever!!! So if you see us there this month say "Hi!"  Don't be disappointed if we seem in a hurry; we have an agenda since we spotted something we've been yearning for for years.  Check this video out; it's s hoot:

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