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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 21, 2016

Windmill at Tre Soli
Favorite purchase from Sweet Salvage 2015

As those of you who've been with us for a time you know we've been antiquing since our mothers dragged us with them as children.  Dark dusty allergy inducing places.  We just didn't look forward to it.  But not any more.  Thanks in part to light bright fun places like Sweet Salvage.
http://sweetsalvage.net/event-calendar/ check them out.
Their objects, staged in vignettes, are beautiful, funky, nostalgic, unique, others not as much but will add to your large collection of whatnot.  The staff though is what makes this 4 days a month warehouse sale so different from the others.  They are friendly, fun and always ready to assist your wants and needs.   And of course what goes better with growing food and flowers that eating food and flowers.  They have garden pieces and dining pieces.  And!  They have food!  The best chocolate chip cookies ever!!! So if you see us there this month say "Hi!"  Don't be disappointed if we seem in a hurry; we have an agenda since we spotted something we've been yearning for for years.  Check this video out; it's s hoot:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter in Our Classroom

Hasn't this been a great start to a new year?!  We've had over 2'' of rain at Tre Soli!  All of it gentle and soaking into the soil.  Also this year we've had plenty of chill hours for our low chill fruits!  Yippee we are expecting beautiful delicious fruit come Spring.

Spring Peaches & Apricots

It is so sad to have the Autumn rose season over.  This may have been the best year ever for our large blousey blooms.  Some of the blooms were large enough to hide our cupped hands.  Those of you who bought ours or grow some yourself know just what we mean.  

Roses Big and Blousey

Roses also last longer in the vase during the winter.  We love to compete with ourselves to see how long we can keep them after cutting.  This year we had some that made it to three weeks!  We suspect that the secret is to put the roses to bed outside at night when no one is around to appreciate them. They love the cool moist air of our desert nights and they only traveled a short distance from our farm to your vase which also adds to their longevity.

Deep Crimson in Deep Winter

We are committed to taking more photos such as the ones we're providing today.  We want you to see what we are growing, offering for sale and what you too can grow!  Unfortunately the photos impede our sending emails so we'll be posting most of photos here on our blog

Larkspur & Roses

Right now we have juicy tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit.  For those of you who are not lucky enough to have these in your yard, neighborhood or family let us share with you our fruit grown without any pesticides or herbicides.  

Front Door Honor Market will be open tomorrow: 
Tuesday, January 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Exclusively citrus : 
Oranges 3/$1, Tangerines 4/$1, Grapefruit 2/$1

Picking these Sweet & Juicy Fruits for You Tomorrow

We also have mints, lemon grass and rosemary available.  
Let us know and we'll pick just for you.

Outside the Rose Ranglers are busy pruning roses and fruit trees as well as planting some new of each.  Inside we're planning seasonal classes and hands on workshops.    Most classes will be limited to 8 participants and two hour length with refreshments at some.  So many topics it is hard to narrow it down.  You can help us determine which classes to offer by taking a moment to reply to azgardenfresh@gmail.com with what you'd like to learn in our outdoor classroom pictured below.  

Winter to Spring




A basic list of class proposals is provided below.  Feel free to send us your suggestions!  

Rose pruning
Rose selection
Rose planting
Fruit tree pruning
Fruit tree selection
Preserving your fruit
Grape vine crafting
Farmers Market Shopping
Pick your own fruit
  "      "       "    rose
Olives from pick to press to preserve
Wild flower gardens
Pollinator gardens
Pest control in the garden

Pollinator in our Gardens

Predator in our Gardens

Some of you have asked to "have the place to yourself"  and bring just your group.  We've done that and would love the opportunity to welcome you and your group for a private class or party.  Drop us a note at azgardenfresh@gmail.com so we can work on your proposal.

Garden Club Annual Luncheon & Class in our Gardens

See You in the Gardens and at the Market?!

If you grow citrus or are thinking of planting a citrus tree this is your once a year chance to get scientifically based information from real experts on the what, when, how and what's next of growing citrus fruit.  There will be tables with dozens of samples to see, smell and taste!  Just in time because it's about time to fertilize existing trees and plant new ones.  There will also be lots of fresh picked citrus and fresh squeezed juice for purchase.  Weather is expected to be chilly at the start but 738 for a day time high so dress in layers.  See you there?

You Are Invited!
Master Gardener Citrus Clinic

Master Gardener Citrus Clinic

Saturday, January 23, 2016
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Greenfield Citrus Nursery
2558 E. Lehi Rd.
Mesa, AZ

Gate opens at 8:30 a.m.

Buy Tickets Now

In person at:
Greenfield Nursery
2558 E. Lehi Rd.
Mesa, AZ

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
4341 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040

At the Gate on January 23rd.

With RegOnline, our encrypted
payment gateway. 
Credit card fees apply.
Online ticket sales available through Thursday, January 21st.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reflections On Lives Well Lived

It's that time of the year again.  Beautiful blue skies, crisp cold air, and yes Virginia even rain.  
Tre Soli made it through another summer.

The Glory of Autumn

It brings exquisite color along with it's relief from the heat and refreshment of gentle rains.  But it is also a time of memories of the past year.  Of the fruits of what we planted, tended, and harvested.  And it is the time to sew the hopes of the next season.  The chill and the rain allow us the luxury to indulge in fireplaces that glow in the same colors of our fruit trees while cuddled up with seed catalogues after rose catalogues.  And this is THE best time for the roses in the desert.  The cooler temperatures allow the roses to grow larger and larger and Larger.  The cooler temperatures also allow the oils to be retained until they are cut and brought indoors to the slightly warmer air.  That's when they release their glorious fragrance.  Autumn is our favorite time to ooo and laahh laahh over these ruffled, silken, sweet fragranced girls.

Not all of Autumn is colorful.  Some of it is just quiet, peaceful.  As fruit trees around change color the herb and veggie beds are resting while being reinvigorated for the Spring plantings.  So many urban farmers are providing clean food for our community that this year we are considering planting more flower seeds than vegetables.

The gazebo in the shelter of the fruit tree allele experiences the changes of Autumn.   The Northern trees are already bare and sleeping.  While the Southern Trees are still undergoing their color changes as they nod off to their brief respite before Spring.  Soon this old teak table that has served as door in an earlier life will bask in the sun before it again is the site of celebrations, classes, meals, teas, refreshment, planning and creating.  We can't wait to invite you and hope that you'll be joining us!

And of course reflections include the traditional assessing what to be grateful for as well as what goals to aspire to in the coming year.  No doubt this has been a difficult year with too many losses of dear ones.  Yet it has also been a wonderful year of new relationships for which we are thankful.  The most thrilling being that of adding a new family member in the form of a bouncing baby boy!

We all have choices to make as to how we will celebrate this life we've been given, found and forged.  
For us, we choose to celebrate the Autumns as well as the Springs.

Here's to the Best Year Ever for Yours, Mine and Ours!