Sombreuil Climbing Rose 1850

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Here is a photo of one of our walls of Don Juan roses, with white Bolero tree roses behind the wall.

Nice.  BUT link below to take a look at the photo of Constance Spry roses  taken by Jeff Wincek.  Then tell us what you think….Would you ?  Could you?


Makes me want to swoon!  Really took my breathe away!  I've never seen such a bloom.
The color!  The abundance!  The fragrance?!  How did they do it?!  Is this a once in a life time bloom... or annual.  Guess we'll have to go to Pixar Studios to see it and speak with the gardeners who managed to create this wall of David Austin roses.  But wait!   This is outside of Pixar Studios in California.   Is it Computer Assisted Design?!  No.  It's for real….I think.

Could you?

Would you?

Don't know if I could but I sure would want to!

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