Sombreuil Climbing Rose 1850

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


From the moment it opened we were too busy to take a break or take a photo.  Jill to the rescue.  She brought us water when she brought her "home grown" eggs to sell with our roses.  Now she has sent us photos that she took at the event.  If you really want to see beautiful photos that she has taken of her gardens then go to 
http://www.sweetlifegarden.com  The photos of her beautiful urban farm show what an artist she is in the dirt as well as on the page.

Berridge had this beautiful cart that I saw as the perfect "container" from which to display the roses.

We were located down the sidewalk from the entrance.  As the day warmed up the roses released their oils to cool themselves down.  Lucky folks entering the event would catch whiffs of rose perfume as they entered and would just have to seek and find to meet the "girls".

We met so many lovely people that day and had many interesting garden chats.  Some of our customers have called us for garden consults or are are now enjoying shopping at our Front Door Honor Market.

Taking hundreds of roses to a market is hard physical work but after three years of not being in the markets we wanted the challenge.  Thank you Berridge Family for inviting us to your 17th annual Art in the Garden event.  It was a challenge we're glad we took on.

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