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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


April in Paris.

Well how about April in Cali?!

Picture this...dinner in a field of ranunculus... at sunset… overlooking the Pacific Ocean ?!  And it was at least every bit as magical as you can imagine.   These photos just don't portray the beauty and scope let alone that lovely sea salt air!  This was actually "only" 5 acres of this farm with another 15 acres at another site.

The evening was a group effort by the California Cut Flower Association, Slow Flowers and others to raise awareness of American Grown flower farmers and connect them with the florists who love buying these farmer's flowers.  We were among a select group to be invited for an evening at flower farmer Michael A. Mellano's ranunculus farm, The Flower Fields.

Floral designer Bess Wyrick of Celadon and  Celery, NYC and Los Angeles was responsible for the simply elegant table decor.  Bess, like us, was smitten with this bouquet of Austin roses wrapped in a Cardoon leaf.  She has a bit of Chaquita Banana in her and decided it made a fine fascinator and took a selfie!

She selected slender cylinders of single colored ranunculus and arranged them down the center of the one long table.  One end began with the deepest darkest orange/brown ranunculus and moved through the rainbow to the whites at the opposite end.  For photos of the tables, food, chef, florists, farmers please take a look at their album on Flicker  https://www.flickr.com/photos/californiagrownflowers/sets/72157652027358305

Did we not say that this was a dinner?  Why yes!   And it was as delicious as the flowers were beautiful.  Chef Marissa Gerlach of the Vista Valley Country Club was responsible for assembling, preparing and serving the locally sourced appetizers and three course meal with wines.  Golden and purple Beets were pickled and were in canning jars on the tables.  We loved the look and for the first time loved pickle beets!

 As the sun set and darkness slipped over us some of the cylinders glistened with tiny lights in their bases.  Hmm.  An idea for your next dinning event? 

Like we said you really should go look at the photos.  For ideas for your table, your menu, your garden, and lighting in your garden go to Flicker to see their 2 albums of the evening.  Over 500 photos of food, flowers, fun!

We can't wait to go back to Carlsbad to the Flowers Fields and enjoy that unbeatable moist air of the Pacific Ocean on Southern West Coast that our American farmers find so hospitable to their efforts.
Our thanks to Mayesh, our local flower wholesaler, who graciously invited us to this amazing opportunity to meet authors and artists we'd only read about.

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