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Monday, February 9, 2015


With A Garden and a Library You Have EveryThing

Tre Soli is so pleased to announce that we are now the stewards of Little Free Library #13224.

We only learned of these wonderful community builders in a box a year ago.  When we first saw a Little Free Library in a residential neighborhood we knew we had to learn more.  The short history and the seeds for LFLs is nothing short of amazing.  Did you know that in the first "official" LFL was posted on a bike path in Madison Wisconsin in the summer of 2010?  As of January 2015 it was estimated that close to 25,000 LFLs had been registered.  You do the math on that growth rate!
To learn all about the beautiful boxes of books go to http://littlefreelibrary.org/ourhistory/  Who knows the book bug may bite you too!

Ours is not just a book exchange but a seed and recipe exchange as well.  People passing by are welcome to take a book, seed pack, or recipe as well as donate a book, seeds, or recipes.  We loved the option to have reproductions of old seed signs on two sides of our LFL.

Our LFL is actually to commemorate all of the women in who nourished our love of reading and learning - mothers, sisters, aunts and friends.  Book lovers all. 

On Saturday, February 7 we had a "Grand" opening to celebrate.  Even better we teamed up with SEEDs 4 Autism.  Their mission is "to nurture and grow the spirits and skill of our clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders through education and job training that promotes work ethic, pride and success in an environment that is tailored to the client’s individual needs and comfort. They brought many "lovingly handcrafted artwork of metal, wood, and ceramics for the kitchen and the garden.  And I bought many "lovingly handcrafted artworks"!

Side Table?  Plant Stand?  You decide.  To pretty to put anything on it?  Love the colors!

Walnut, Cherry, & Maple Woods make this smooth Cutting Board

 And they brought birdies to our potted plants.

Their art work is beautiful and practical.  And much of it now resides at Tre Soli and finds purpose in making our work easier while being beautiful!   Please visit their website to see what their students get out of the classes and what they put out...  http://seedsforautism.org  The artists who teach the students are all volunteers.  Maybe you could invite them to do a "Pop Up Shop" at your event.  Or looking for a place to volunteer?  This could be your new home away from home.

Contact Mary Ann and you too may fall in love with this organization.  For a first hand look at students and artists at work stop in at their Art Jam / Open House.  It will be a blast and Bonus...you can find wonderful gifts for Mothers Day.  If the poster below,  announcing their event, is not displaying please send us an email and we'll forward it to you.

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