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Monday, February 16, 2015


We're half way there.

The early peaches are in bloom!  And we are hopeful that there will be no late frost to nip the buds that will becomes 

Some of the apples have bloomed and the figs are swelling.  Still haven't been able to get a photo that begins to do them justice.  Is there a class for people to learn how to photograph fruit trees?!  Citrus I can do but the rest I'm still learning.

Grapefruit & Tangerines

Meyer Lemons

Citrus season has ramped up and the Front Door Honor Market will be open!  We sure missed picking for you.  We hope you missed picking it up from us.  Just look for the red pick up truck flag and follow the side walk to the front door.

The 4 fruits oranges, tangelos, tangerines and grapefruit will be in the coolers in the alcove.  
The fresh squeezed juice is available 4 ways... by request  when you stop by, or you can pre order, or bring your own bottle while we juice for you or take home the fresh squeezed juice we just froze.  

We can pick that for your by request when you get here.  Just doesn't get any fresher.  Almost like having your own tasty garden.

The grapefruit are beginning to be at their peak.  They are big and sweet enough to eat without sugar. They look like and taste like a big ball of sunshine in their lovely yellow skin.   We'll put them up for taste against any pink grapefruit.

If you decide to dress your grapefruit up in lavish array then we suggest exotic pure scented sugars from La Bella Terra http://labellaterre.com Rose cognac would be A- Maz-Ing!

Eco-ista, Terri Nacke is the alchemist and artisan purveyor of these fine botanicals sweeteners.  Just three to choose from are Lavender Provence, Mint Melange, and our favorite Rose Cognac!  They are available at the Bodega Market at FnB http://fnbrestaurant.com in Old Town Scottsdale and other purveyors of fine provisions.  

White Grapefruit

If you prefer a more rustic half of the sunny grapefruit then try this RECIPE.  A touch of butter spread across a halved grapefruit then put the inside half on the grill to bring out  and caramelize the many sugars already in the grapefruit.  After taking it off of the grill you could add a pinch of brown sugar if you must, but it won't be necessary for most palettes.  Lovely in bed on Valentines Day, Birthday,  Anniversary morning and equally at home on the desert plate by the fire.  The fragrance of the grilled grapefruit and it's caramelized sugars is addictive.  Yet for the most refreshing in the morning, or an afternoon pick me up, just a fresh chilled naked grapefruit is always in style. 

For the Tangerine, Orange and Tangelo lovers…We've got 'em.  Come and get 'em!  Very sweet and juicy.  Not as tart as some years but just as delicious.  We've squeezed the juice for you or you can take them home and juice or peel and eat them yourself.  This is the fruit that can be addictive if you are a sugar lover.
Minneola Tangelo

Magical Meyer Lemons.  Why magical?  Well seems everyone waxes poetic about how these lemons never make you pucker.  They are a gorgeous orange yellow color, and never hard or juiceless.   Peel the skin all the way around for a swirl of color and lemony flavor in a pitcher of water.  Like a giant lemon zest.  Lemon bars anyone?!  Drizzled with dark chocolate?!!!  Yes, nothing goes better with chocolate than citrus.  Really!  

Then again you  could squeeze the rest of your lemons and freeze the juice till the 90* heat comes and you're in the mood for lemonade.  With the Meyer you'll use less sugar.  Speaking of which lavender lemonade is refreshing so here again we think you may want to go get some of La Bella Terra's Lavender Provence sugar.  It seems to feel a bit daring to make, serve and imbibe of refreshments with flower essence in them.  Don't you think?

And then there is the Swiss Chard!  We have a rainbow assortment of 4 colors.  Imagine that!  You don't have to because we asked the bunnies to take a photo of their favorite chards... lemon yellow and cherry red are my favorites too.  Is it any wonder that so many prefer these jewels over spinach.  And we're not just talking the rabbits who took this photo.

So come and see us.   It'll be a beautiful morning to add Tre Soli to your shopping list

While you're here notice the wild flowers and native shrubs that are beginning to wake up and bloom.  Here are just a few.






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