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Friday, April 25, 2014

Runaway Bunny On The Book Shelf and Runaway Bunny Carrot In The Garden

Did someone read The Runaway Bunny to you...100 times?  Have You read The Runaway Bunny to others - children, grand children, students, nieces , nephews and the children you babysat -1,000 times? We too have read that precious story of unconditional steadfast love... many times.  

Bunny Carrot Ears
(Lepus carota auris)
Today we saw carrot greens in a peculiar place up against the wall of the built in grill, yards and yards from the veggies beds.  Mind you the grill also serves as potting bench, prep table for harvest and currently has grape vines awaiting their crafters to come and get them.  

Look carefully on the ground in the lower left corner to see the carrot top

But why the one lone carrot?!  This is what I love about gardening, there's always a surprise somewhere.  We may sleep or go to work or take a vacation but Mother Nature is always out there playing in our dirt.


So the carrot…evidently decided to bloom where it was planted.  Part of the curiosity is who planted that bunny carrot?!  The wind?  A bird, cat or dog?  Or perhaps... it ran away!  Who knows.

Runaway Bunny Carrot on the run again

Where it is off to is anyone's guess.  If you see our Runaway Bunny Carrot or it's cousins, let us know, please.  And if your mom read The Runaway Bunny to you as a child be sure to thank her for her steadfast love today,  tomorrow and on Mothers Day (Hint it's on May 11 this year.  Now you have 2 weeks notice so no excuses).

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