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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Always a thrill to get a jump on the birds!  While poking around in the fruit trees checking on the figs we noticed a lot of bird chatter in the peach next door.  Horrified (yes, horrified) that we might miss out on all the ripe peaches, investigation was necessary!  Fortunately only one was ripe and none have been pecked…yet.  It will take twice daily vigilance to protect our peaches so that the farmers get their fair share.

   It was tiny but sweet and juicy.

You see birds chattering in ripening fruit trees could mean a picnic for them!  My 20 something friends & I had a tradition in the 70's midwest to have an "ice cream social" when the peaches were ripe.  It was so "old fashioned" to do that & we liked "old fashioned".  That meant lots of home made ice-cream topped with peaches and whatever berries were also ripe, while swinging or rocking on the wrap around porch with a glass of hibiscus sun tea.   It's been my dream to do that here with our own home grown peaches but the birds usually get so many peaches that it's always a very small intimate party for 2 or 4.  This year we want a larger party! 

And!   It is artichoke season!  We had a lot of them bolt last year so we let them flower.  There are photos of them on earlier posts.   Now we have about a dozen volunteer  "arties" this year.  They have been especially meaty with extra large hearts, the best part.   On the ground near the top of the photo is  where it looks like corn meal -  Palo Verde blossoms on the ground.  

Sorry we've eaten all of the asparagus in the garden before thinking to get some pix.   It never even makes it to the kitchen before being devoured.   If we have any more spears we'll try to remember to photo before eating.  Don't count on it, no promises about that.

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