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Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to start your morning with a glass of sunshine?

Grow these oranges!

Or these tangerines!

                                          Or these mandarins! 

Or even these sweet grapefruit!

Rise & shine so you can get to Greenfield Citrus for the annual Master Gardener Citrus Clinic today from 8:30-12.  For info, tickets & directions:


There will be food vendors, books, and so much more.

You will get to sample different citrus fruit and learn how to select, plant and care for these juicy, slurpy citrus as well as figs, and deciduous fruit trees (the ones that loose their leaves - peaches, plums, apricots, apples, nectarines, etc)  Fruit trees are so much easier that you may imagine.  Citrus trees give you year round shade and green.  In the spring you'll delight in the jasmine like scent of the blossoms.  AND the deciduous trees give you shade in the summer, sunshine in the winter, delicate fragrant blossoms in the Spring.  From Spring through Winter you'll fruit depending on the varieties you choose to grow.  Fruit trees are like having a Christmas tree decorated with colorful ornaments in your yard.  This is the season to plant so after you taste and decide you want to plant at the Citrus Clinic get right on it.  The nurseries are getting their trees in now.  Go get your next 1,000 glasses of sunshine!   See you there?!  

Anyone remember Graham's Juice Stand on Camelback?  That is where in the '70's I became addicted to fresh squeezed juice.  Haven't been back to frozen, canned (?!) or "Fresh Squeezed" brand since.

PS And yes!  These grow here, silly!  These photos are all from the trees here at Tre Soli!  Only 30 years ago you could smell the citrus blooming when landing at Sky Harbor.  That's how many citrus were grown here!

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