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Friday, January 24, 2014

Gardens In Bloom Got My Gardens In Bloom

Winter 2010
 Some of our favorite visitors to the gardens at Tre Soli were the Deerings,  assistant Rose Ranglers.  Without them it would have taken more time to add to "Rose Hill" and grow so many roses.  We got in over our heads with rose pruning after an ankle was broken.  The torn meniscus several years later didn't help.  To the rescue...Barb and her company, Gardens In Bloom.  This is an all woman operation.  They specialize in flowers & veggie beds.  They helped me through the broken body and to get over my fear of fruit tree pruning.

Gardens In Bloom handles both residential and commercial accounts.  Barb has many years of experience both here and in the higher altitudes of Arizona as well as in nurseries.  Drop me a line at azgardenfresh@gmail.com if you'd like their contact information.


     Fruit tree alleé and fragrant lavenders.  Pruned roses in raised beds in the background.

    Here they are like garden gnomes on the ground and high up in the fruit trees after we'd finished pruning the roses ...priorities you know!

Pots behind the fruit trees and to the right of the raised bed are for asparagus.  Since planting the asparagus in the pots the gophers don't eat the asparagus, we do!

It's almost time to prune the roses.  If you'd like to attend a rose pruning demonstration and try your hand drop us a line at azgardenfresh@gmail.com.  Tell us if week days or weekends are preferable to attend for you.

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