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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fresh Dug Roses for You...sold

All of the freshly dug roses have new homes.  We like to grow a variety of other fruits, flowers, veggies as you may have noticed so...when I was at Baker' Nursery the other day, to pick up the new roses, I strolled the hot house with all of the tomatoes.  They have quite a wide variety if you are in the market.  I picked up 3 "Black Prince" starts.  I love those dark tomatoes.  It should do well in our cool late winter and maybe get a jump on some of the heat lovers.  We'll see.  At Berridge Nursery I found "Black Cherry" cherry tomatoes.  Can't wait to try them!

I haven't checked out Harper's tomato stock, if you have let me know.  Don't Forget!  Another couple of cold nights could still happen.  Depending on your microclimate temperatures could still get as low as 30 and lower.  Toss your frost covers on the frost tenders, be sure all are well watered, add Christmas tree lights (and don't forget to turn them on!) to those too large to cover.  Remember to resist the urge to prune the damaged foliage for about another month.  Your tomatoes should say in a protect place until the night temperatures reach 50.

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  1. Boy, I hope Baker' Nursery knows how much free advertising we give them! They're the best. And, I'm heading down there tomorrow to pick up some black prince tomatoes starts, cause when I was there yesterday picking up my new rose bush, I didn't have time to stop at the tomatoe tent.