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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Don't you just love going out on chilly winter mornings and picking your chilled juice from trees in your own yard?! Mmmm! "Sunshine in a glass" Slurp, slurp. What you don't have a tree? Then get ye to the Greenfield Citrus Nursery http://www.greenfieldcitrus.com/ for the best opportunity to learn about which trees to plant in your landscape.

Did you just say you have no landscape? You live in an apartment? No problem try a kumquat, sweet and tart little gems that are entirely edible, even the peel!

If it is shade you crave, citrus do not loose their leaves so you can always count on them for a cool spot to rest in your hammock and sip your homemade lemonade. And have you seen the varigated pink lemon tree? Yes it's true pink lemonade does grow on trees!

Oh I could go on and on. I love my tangelos and oranges as much as my roses. And I can literally gorge on them.

So have I convinced you to join my fellow master gardeners and me from 8:30-12 this Saturday morning, January 22. You'll learn a lot and get to select from the finest citrus in the Valley of the Sun.

 Have you ever wondered when to plant something, say tomatoes?  The seed packet says after chance of frost, but... when is that.  Where you grew up that was after Mother's Day and you're just not sure that is correct for the desert.  Or you've planted the tomatoes and they are not quite ready to pick but you are leaving for the summer.  Or you forgot to plant them and a garden store has tomato transplants, do you dare give it a try even though it is December?  For more information on this and many other topics about gardening food, flowers, trees, and shrubs just click on the following link.  http://extension.arizona.edu/maricopamg You'll even find a handy calendar for planting as well as harvesting that is specific to the Valley of the Sun.  If you crave a green thumb and are a transplant from more Northern climates you'll be amazed at your success after using this calender.  Here's to a bountiful season!

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