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Friday, May 7, 2010

Willows Home & Garden Saturday Flea Market

It's been such a busy time. The veggies, fruits and flowers are all bloomin' like mad! And it seems everyone wants a bit of flower heaven to take home or take to the office. Here are a few of the places of work outings that the girls have been on.

the place to go for antiques and gifts, often with French or Scandanavian heritages.
Even paying for your purchase is pleasant with a bunch of sweet peas scenting the air at the check out desk!

As beautiful as the pieces are at Schmitt Jewelers, flowers brought them the spark of life.

Here. Lean closer. Can you smell that intoxicating light sweet scent?

Tomorrow, Saturday May 8, I am again teaming up with Bev and her ladies for the Child Entrepenuers edition of their First Friday Flea Market. Since I have been too busy in the gardens at Tre Soli to blog or take photos, please go to their blog to see the girls as well as some of the exqusites gems the Willows offers for the bed, body and table! http://www.thewillowshomeandgarden.blogspot.com/
For tomorrow I have picked arm loads of larkspur and dozens of dear watermelon sweet peas. Both were planted as companions for the roses. Who knew I'd fall in love with these heritage flowers, but don't tell the girls.

So many people mistake the girls for peonies..and this is peony season. The midwestern girl in me got the best of me. Memories and talk of lilacs and peonies are circling wherever I go.

And that is how you mix a vegetable with a flower! Actually the green artichokes are members of the thistle family, though the peonies are not.

Well guess what I found while researching why we don't grow peonies here in hotland...a fragrant flower farmer like me! And what do they grow...peonies! As they say they grow respectful of the soil and practice agricultural methods that are kind to their plants. I am so excited to bring these in just this once for Mother's Day. They are fragrant and some have been grown since 1846. Among the varieties coming tomorrow are a pink Sarah Bernhardt and pink and white Mr. Ed.

Last week I brought in some purple lilacs for an event. They sold out and I could have sold them 10 times over. So again I will have lilacs for this short season that they bloom. I will have both purple and white this time. So don't be late they will sell fast!

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