Sombreuil Climbing Rose 1850

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Peach Eaters!  
You're wiping us out.  
We love it.  
We are starting to get smaller peaches 
that means there will be more in your bags.  
We will probably have another day or two to pick from this tree 
we'll carefully wait & watch for the other trees to ripen.  
to stay up to the minute on availability
You may sign up for email notifications by sending us an email to
check back here 
follow us on Instagram@azgardenfresh 

The apricots in the photo are precious few or we'd share.  

When we went to pick at midday today the orchards smelled like roses and peaches!  
That was a first in our memories.
We never pick midday due to the heat but the coolers were empty and fruity duty called.
What the chalkboard says...we see, smell it, live it every day.  
We are tickled to share our slice of heaven with you, be it fruit or flowers.  
Please care for each other and our Earth as tenderly as you do those sweet peaches.

Now for reminders and clarifications on visiting our Front Door Honor Market.
It is an "honor market" and as such these are recommendations 
but it is helpful for you and us in planning.

On days that you read or receive notice
Sunrise to Sunset in the warm months

It's in the the little holder for bottle caps.  
We put coins in one and bills (sorry only $1 bills) in the other.
Try to plan ahead, as change for one bag of fruit from a $20 bill probably won't be there.
Some of you are owed $.50- $2.  Please let us know if you couldn't find the change holders and we'll make sure you get it next time you swing by.  
Just let us know ahead that you're coming so that we have it ready for you.

Running Low:
If the coolers are empty 
there is not enough fruit for what you wanted, 
you have three options
1)  Ring the bell.  We''ll answer if we can.   We'll pick more if we can
2)  Call us.  We may not have heard the bell.  We have almost 2 acres back there soo…
3)  Leave us a note for the next time.

These are not your commercial peaches & nectarines.  They are picked at a later maturity because they don't have to board planes and trains, just your automobile s and bikes.   Their skins slide off easily, peeling is a breeze.  Handle Gently.  Notice they are in the bag with the stem side down so that they bruise less and last longer.  This is also how you should keep tomatoes.

They have NOT been washed.  Do it just before you prepare or eat.  As you know we use no chemicals at Tre Soli But birds gotta pee and sometimes it lands on our fruit.

We always enjoy hearing what happened after our fruit and flowers leave our TLC.
We love to know how you liked our fruit and flowers.  Photos of your peach crisp are great too.   The baby with a face plant into their bowl of peaches, share please.  Recipes you used our fruit and flowers in…yes please!   We won't post anything without your permission.  If you were dissatisfied for any reason please let us know so we have the chance to make it right for you.

Sorry people but we can't always read your writing and printing.  Runs in this family too, so no shame.  Just know that like with speaking you'll need to do it clearly or we may not understand and therefor may not respond appropriately.


Do we have some  Peaches & Nectarines for you!  

And side effects may include juice dribbled down your front!  

 Proper eating etiquette involves a bib and leaning forward from the waist.

Thank you to all who purchased peaches yesterday!  
We could barely keep up to restock.  
Don't forget to make your change.  
If you like our peaches tell your friends.  If not please tell us.

  Look for this flag by the street to know you're at the right farm.  

This is a residential neighborhood with walkers, children, pets, horses and bicyclers.  

 Flags to watch for to guide you to the front door 

Notes you'll find at the stand about making your purchase.  

When we are running low on stock, please let us know by emailing azgardenfresh@gmail.com
We'll pick more and restock

If anyone knows where we could purchase more of the two  flags 
in the photos please let us know.

We're on Instagram@azgardenfresh
You'll find we update it frequently.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Red, red, red everywhere!  

And most of it juicy sweet Peaches, 

Nectarines & white Nectarines with red skins!  

Tonight we'll continue picking so that tomorrow 

we'll have an honor market.  

These are ripe for eating right now so we'll  bag them 

put them in the coolers. 

Sorry we cannot hold these juicy  beauties.  

Take as much as you can eat, cook or preserve soon 


only take what you can use as they won't last long.  

We'll be picking every day until there are no more 

so come back for more when you want.  


8103 N 75th St



Neaerest Cross Streets 

Scottsdale Rd  & McCormick Prkwy 

& times 


( 🌅 to 🌅 )


Monday, May 15, 2017

Well almost...Summer that is.
Join us 
Wednesday, May 17
7-9 a.m.
Summer Roses and Compost, A Match Made in Heaven

In the Valley of the Sun we have already hit 100*!  As a matter of fact it was some of the visitors to the Arcadia Edible Tour who were asking about what to do to encourage their roses to make the best of the summer heat.  So if you haven't already it is time to think about Summerizing your roses and others non native plants.  If you want them to make it through the summer and be ready to be vibrant this Autumn.  The Magical Science of Compost is a major component in your bag of tricks so it will also be a major component of this class.

And who knows Jill from Sweet Life Garden may have goat and chicken made soil amendments for show and tell! 

Light seasonal refreshments will be served.  Peaches may be for sale.  The $25 class fee is payable when you arrive for the class.  Directions to the class at The Gardens at Tre Soli will be sent by email after receiving your reservation.  Reservations due by 6 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday May 16.

For the most current photos go to our Instagram account.  For a historical look at what we grow take a look at our blog.

Hope to see you Wednesday morning when the temperature will be a gorgeous 65*-75*.  Whoo Hoo!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Dear Food & Flower Lovers and Friends,

Hold on to your wig hats because this email is chock full.  We're making up for lost time. It has been a while since you've received an email from us.  We have been busy behind the scenes making improvements to Tre Soli as well as to our business.  
We are so honored to have had you along for this ride.  Years before there were Slow, Local, and Organic  movements some of you were buying our foods and flowers.  For some of you it was a matter of consciousness, for others you just liked the scent or flavor or even the fact that you couldn't buy it anywhere else.  Some of you are Master Gardeners who like to support other Master Gardener's endeavors.  
What ever your reasons for coming to us for food, flowers or learning we are deeply grateful.  

So this is an update on what we've been up to and are planning.  
First we'll tell you about events where The Girls & Rose Ranglers will be this weekend.

The season is off to a running start.  Every day brings more roses blooming.  
Our first seasonal pop up market will be at 

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In addition to the art there will be a farmers market, food truck and garden demonstrations.  Check it out!
This is our third year at this market and The Girls always enjoy meeting new rose lovers 
and seeing their long time fans.
Roses prefer 45* to 65* to look their best and have a long vase life so try to visit us earlier rather than later  because The Girls want to look their best for you, so do the Rose Ranglers.  

The morning after The Girls and the Rose Ranglers will be heading to a new venue

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Rose Ranglers have enjoyed shopping at the Singh Farm since it opened and now we are loving the fresh green Meadows.  We know some of you haven't made it to the new location but please don't let the change scare you off.  You won't believe the cool green view once you get there.  They have thoughtfully set out lawn games making it family friendly for all of the generations. The food is soo good that sometimes we forget to get the produce.  I've never had an onion focacia as addictive as theirs.  Even if you don't take home a few of The Girls you've got to come for breakfast or brunch at Singh Meadows.  
Check them out on Facebook.

We've teamed up with Jill Green from Sweet Life Backyard Farm & Orchard to teach occasionally from her place and at our place, Tre Soli.  Jill and I figured if we have questions and insecurities about gardening and farming there must be others.  These classes are intended to give hands on seasonal instruction on popular gardening activities.  We have had some really knowledgable dedicated growers join us so it has been great for us to learn from them.  We want to keep these small enough that you can maximize learning.  
Some of you have already joined us and we thank you for the great feedback.  

Jill and I are also available to come to you for personal and private consultations about your very specific growing needs.  We can both be contacted by email. 

Jill is your go to person for the Arcadia Edible GardenTour.  Tre Soli will not be on the tour this year.   We know that is where some of you first met us.  If you've never taken this tour I highly recommend that you do.  
Seeing all of the creative ways to grown on your own little piece of heaven in the desert is a treasure.  
Jill will have her delicious peaches for sale and we will be selling our flowers at the market at Sweet Life. 

8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We have a long list of additional garden activities planned for the future, 
including making the Fruit Tree Allee available for small gatherings of eight or fewer.  You may bring a picnic breakfast, lunch or dinner or we can provide a light offering.  
You can request an educational component or not.

We get so many requests for tours behind the garden gate.  We appreciate your understanding that it takes away from the work that needs to be done but we do enjoy showing you around.  So we will have 
"Walk Abouts" and "Behind the Garden Gate" tours.  These will be 1 hour once or twice a month and you get to ask whatever you want.  Except in the "Winter" these will always be early in the morning to minimize time in the heat.

We want to let you know that we know that the blog has been a bit abandoned but we've been exploring a way to stay in touch and ride the social network while still having time to be growing our fruits and flowers.  INSTAGRAM is proving to be a quick and easy way to let you know "What's Up In & What's In Season".  We are  posting almost daily and sometimes more often.  After years of resistance we feel this is a fast easy way for you and for us to tell you what is available so please check us out on INSTAGRAM, really it is easy.

In the garden we have changed some of our emphasis.  There are so many wonderful growers of good clean food these days in our Valley of the Sun, even we have signed up for CSAs recently.  We have begun to turn some of our food growing beds into flower beds.  We will still have peaches and apples, plums, we'll never trade our fruit trees for anything else.  
Of course that includes the figs, herbs and too many tomatoes.  
But very few farmers are still growing flowers here so we are expanding that aspect of our growing.  

  For a better appreciation of flowers with a conscious, please click the links to articles about the 
SLOW FLOWERS and AMERICAN GROWN flower movements 
that are gathering steam around the country.  
For those of you who remember the flower growers down on Southern and Baseline you will learn what happened to all of those wonderful flower farms we loved to go to.

We are members of both Slow Flowers and American Grown but the Chief Rose Rangler is still trying to learn how to add the thingamajig and the whooziwhatsit icons so that you can quickly connect to them and Instagram. Not a Ludite, not a neophyte but growing is more in the Chief Rose Rangler's wheelhouse. 

WHEW!  You made it all the way to here.   We hope in bits and pieces so as to save your eye sight.  
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Friday, March 10, 2017


"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her

And might we add…

If you give a woman seeds she'll grow you a garden, 

Abundant in fruits, and flowers to nourish all who come to her garden.

....So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!" Erick S.Gray

Friday, March 3, 2017


Roses can be a magnificent addition to any edible, cutting or viewing garden! 

If you have been thinking about adding roses to your garden, but aren't sure where to start you might want to join Jill and me at the Gardens at Tre Soli. We will show you how to choose and plant potted roses. Bare root vs potted vs bagged, mail order vs local nursery, own root or grafted, how deep, what kind of soil, what do you add to your soil and how much to water. 
Hands on planting included and there will be plenty of time for questions. 

Saturday, March 11th
9 to 10:30 
$20.00 For information and to RSVP (let us know before thursday the 9th) contact: 
Jill Green at jillgreen@cox.net
or Anne at azgardenfresh@gmail.com 
Class size is limited so please be sure to check with us if you would like to share or repost.

Friday, February 10, 2017


(we know you're out there)



Jill Green of Sweet Life Garden
Anne of Anne E's Garden Fresh 
are going to help you refine 
your annual rose pruning chores.


The Gardens at Tre Soli

We will have rose bushes planted in raised beds for 

For many of us it is practice that makes us comfortable & proficient with this garden chore
Each participant will have their own bush on which to work during the class
There will be plenty of time for questions & we will start on time

Topics to be covered are the Who, What, When, Why, How of healthy rose pruning
We will talk about various forms such as climbers, ramblers, trees and of course your basic shrub

Bring your favorite garden geek friend, and your "armour":
hand pruners & loppers, closed toe shoes, & sun protection
If you are doing this for the first time and do not yet have pruners and loppers 
you may try out our tools and we will talk about tools and their selection

For those who want to boldly go where best pruners do, gauntlet gloves are highly recommended

These are the leather or vegan leather gloves that go up to the elbow
Expensive but for many rose gardeners worth every penny.

For those who really want to move efficiently like a professional, head & eye protection is recommended

To prevent spread of disease all pruning blades will be bleached before and after each bush

It is always a good idea to sharpen or have your pruning blades sharpened 
and oiled before the season starts
Dull blades can rip and tear the rose flesh leading to an entry for diseases
A quick web search will lead you to businesses that sharpen blades
Sometimes these craftspeople are available farmer's markets

before noon Wednesday February15th


For those who haven't been to the Gardens at Tre Soli 
the address will be supplied when you reserve your place
Nearest cross streets are Scottsdale Rd & McCormick Parkway 
$15 Cash, check or Square will be accepted at the gate

*Light refreshments with garden twists are included*
For those without citrus trees some fresh picked will be for sale

Sunday, February 19
The Gardens at Tre Soli

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Elsewhere out of the gardens Rose Ranglers have been on the roads and in the skies.  

Rose Ranglers have traveled to two Field to Vase dinners this year. 

"Field to Vase" dinners are held monthly around the county to gather American flower growers,
floral designers, florists and those who love them.

         Their aim is to raise the publics awareness of the source of the cut flowers that they purchase.

The dinners are held on a flower farm and help networking and promotion of flowers grown in America.

Usually these dinners are out in the fields, though that weekend due to threat of thunderstorms, 
it was moved into the beautiful "Blue Barn".

  These are some of the great photos taken at the Field to Vase dinner at the 
Arnosky Family Farms in Blanco, Texas.  

And Yes!  She is out standing in the fields!

In addition to the local flowers the food, wine, beer and entertainment are all local at
these delightful evenings.  

Singing, Dancing, Eating, Drinking all amidst the flowers!  Does it get any better that this?!

The thunderstorms passed early and the day was as sunny as this field of sunflowers

Tours of the farms are included so remember to wear appropriate shoes.  Due to earlier rains making it impossible to walk the fields, a barrier was laid to protect the soil and the walkers at this farm.

If you like great food, paired with local beverages, memorable people and supporting local flower growers and farmers then you can't miss with the "Field to Vase" dinner reservations.  It's slow food paired with Slow Flowers!  More on Slow Flowers in our next post.

Check out the website  http://www.americangrownflowers.org  to make reservations for a dinner that you may live near or be near your travels.

Many Field to Vase dinners are held in areas that make for a great travel itinerary.  This dinner was located in Texas Hill Country midway between Austin and San Antonio.  So go ahead.
Be a bit adventurous and make your reservations for a Field to Vase dinner soon!